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     The cleaners paid attention to detail and completed a fabulous job. They've really made Cleaner Soho go up in my estimations.
Lydia B.27/04/2018
     It's customer service at its best when you hire Soho Cleaning Company for home cleaning. As soon as I spoke to them to get a quote I knew they'd look after me and they have yet to let me down.
Randall Yob22/01/2018
     This was my first time calling a home cleaning service of any kind, so I was glad they made things neat and clean in no time. SohoCleaner will be a name I recommend to my family and friends if they ever decide they need such a service. Thanks!
Margaret H.28/09/2016
     I have, unfortunately found that some cleaning agencies in the area have been very hard to work with. They don't really work around your needs and often overcharge you and try and sneak in extra costs. I was very sceptical about calling SohoCleaner because of my past experiences, but they really wiped away any preconceptions I had! They were tentative, kind and did a brilliant job. Really good prices too with no hidden fees. I couldn't be happier. Not every cleaning agency is the same!
     Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and my doctor recommended me that I avoid physical effort as much as possible. With a 4-bedroom house, that's impossible when it comes to house cleaning so my husband suggested we hire a professional company. We called SohoCleaners and ever since then they have been doing my cleaning on a regular basis. They are just amazing and there's literally nothing bad I could say about them!
Georgette 17/03/2015
     I was throwing a party at my house and wanted everything to be perfect for the occasion. I didn't think that the rugs in my home were unclean, but I decided to spruce them up anyway with a professional rug clean from SohoCleaners. I was horrified and amazed at the amount of dirt, grime and dust that came out of my rugs, and I was thrilled with the results! My rugs looked wonderfully clean and they even felt softer too! I didn't know that rugs could harbour so much dirt and bacteria, but now I'll definitely stick to professional rug cleaners from this company! Thanks for the help!
Helena R.08/07/2014
     This is such an amazing cleaning company! I felt I just had to write in and express my gratitude following my experience with SohoCleaners. I hired a cleaner to help me with the masses of cleaning that needed doing in my house, and I had an amazing experience with my hired help! Professional, friendly, speedy and left my house looking stunning! For such affordable prices, this is a great service for anyone who's looking for a cleaner without the expense! It'll be my pleasure to call this company again and I'd recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much!
Kim J.25/02/2014
     Upholstery cleaning seems quite a fancy way to word furniture cleaning, but there we go. Regardless of this it is an absolutely phenomenal service. These guys worked really hard on my three-piece-suite, which I had bought second-hand and wasn't in the best shape. While I was expecting them to give it a bit more life, I wasn't prepared for just what a good job they would do. I have told all my friends to give it a go, these guys are amazing! Every single stain and mark was gone within a couple of hours for a low price. Just superb, thanks team!
Lara Elstone30/01/2014